Top 5 best chew proof dog collars in 2021

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the most popular chew proof dog collar is, then we recommend the Excellent Elite Tactical Dog Collar as the best chew proof dog collar.

It’s no surprise that some dogs like to chew. Not only will they chew through their toys, but they’ll also find a way to chew through their bed, the furniture, and maybe even their own collar. So, if you have a dog that loves to gnaw on everything, then you might need to select more durable supplies for them. One important item to find is a chew proof dog collar

In This Article, We’re Going To Review The Following chew Proof Dog Collars

Chew Proof Dog Collar Reviews



This collar is made with a thick, durable nylon with neat stitching. It also has a padded lining to prevent it from irritating your dog’s skin. This collar has two forms of security: a magic sticker and a quick release buckle. These two locks together will prevent your dog from ripping their collar off. However, it still allows you to quickly take the collar off in the event of an emergency. 

The collar also has a handle on the side so you can easily guide your dog by grabbing their collar. Additionally, it has a Velcro patch on the side that you can put “service dog”, “emotional support dog”, or any customizable patch on. This collar has three sizes available for dogs medium to extra large. It also comes in four neutral color options: black, light brown, gray, and ranger green. This type of collar is often used for police dogs. 


  • It has a padded lining.
  • It has two forms of security.
  • It’s easy to take off.
  • It has a handle.
  • It has a spot for a customizable patch.
  • It has four neutral color options.
  • It comes in multiple sizes.


  • There aren’t any options for small dogs.
  • It could break over time.
  • The quality could vary.

OneTigris Military Adjustable Dog Collar

OneTigris Military Adjustable Dog Collar

This collar is also a thick nylon strap for maximum durability. It has a soft padded lining to keep your dog comfortable and prevent them from getting sore. Unlike the Excellent Elite Tactical Collar, this option uses a hook and loop style for securing the collar, which could be harder to get off in the event of an emergency. However, it makes it more adjustable with five different size options. That way, it will still fit your dog’s neck even if they grow.

This collar also has a Velcro spot to attach a patch to as needed. It’s recommended for identification patches, but it could also be used for service dogs, emotional support dogs, and police dogs. Unfortunately, it only comes in medium and large sizes, so there’s no option for smaller dogs. It comes in five different neutral colors: black, light brown, gray, ranger green, and dark green. 


  • It has a padded lining.
  • It has five adjustable points.
  • It has a spot for customizable patches.
  • It comes in multiple sizes
  • It comes in five neutral colors.


  • It could be difficult to get off in an emergency.
  • It’s not as durable as it claims.
  • The fabric around the ring could fray.

Tuff Pupper Heavy Duty Dog Collar with Handle

Tuff Pupper Heavy Duty Dog Collar With Handle

This collar is designed to be both durable and stylish. It’s made with a strong nylon material with accent stitching for a more appealing look. The stitching is reflective to make your dog more visible at night. This collar is another buckle style, with five different adjustable points. The buckle is one hundred percent stainless steel to help it last for a long time. The steel is also made in a way that’s rust resistant so the collar can withstand different types of weather.

The collar even has a bungee handle for added safety and control, especially in the event of an emergency. This design also makes it more comfortable to hold. It has mesh padding on the inside for added comfort and breathability. It comes with a size for every breed, with the smallest measurement being 13 inches and the largest measurement being 26 inches. Finally, it comes in eight different colors, with neutral colors like brown to bright colors like pink.


  • It has a bungee handle.
  • It has a padded lining.
  • It’s reflective.
  • It’s rust resistant.
  • It has five adjustable points.
  • It comes in multiple sizes.
  • It comes in eight colors.


  • It could be difficult to take off in an emergency.
  • It might not last long.
  • The sizing might be off.

Tuberk Soft Padded Leather Dog Collar

Tuberk Soft Padded Leather Dog Collar

This is a real leather collar with a durable metal ring. The leather might make it strong,  but this collar is likely better for indoor use than outdoor adventures. The collar is flat, and the stitching along the edges is clearly visible, so heavy chewers might find a way to rip it apart. The interior of the collar is padded to prevent it from irritating your dog’s skin. 

This collar uses a buckle feature, meaning it can be adjusted at five different points. However, this makes it very difficult to remove the collar in the event of an emergency. It comes in four different sizes, so there’s an option for every dog. Plus, it can be purchased in six different colors, including black, red, blue, tan, brown, and oil brown. 


  • It’s padded on the inside.
  • It has five adjustable points.
  • It comes in multiple sizes. 
  • It comes in six colors. 
  • It’s made with real leather.


  • It could be hard to get off in an emergency.
  • Heavy chewers might be able to rip it.
  • It’s difficult to clean.

Black Rhino Heavy Duty Comfort Collar

Black Rhino Heavy Duty Comfort Collar

The Black Rhino Heavy Duty Collar has a durable black fabric for the exterior of the collar. The interior of the collar is a thick, soft neoprene padding that can come in five different colors: black, red, aqua, blue, and pink. It’s designed to provide extra comfort for your dog, so it’s the perfect collar for active dogs. The neoprene padding is even odor resistant, and it dries easily even if your dog was swimming. While the collar looks a little bulky and heavy, it’s actually a lightweight design.

This collar has a buckle to attach it onto your dog’s neck. It has at least six adjustable points to choose from, however, taking it off during an emergency could be tricky. The stitching in this collar is reflective to ensure that your dog stays safe at night. It comes in sizes from small to extra large, and the width of the collar depends on which size you get.


  • It has a thick neoprene padding.
  • It has six adjustable points.
  • It’s odor resistant and weather resistant.
  • It comes in multiple sizes.
  • It comes in five colors.
  • It’s reflective.


  • It could be difficult to get off in an emergency.
  • The buckle could break.
  • The quality could vary.

Chew Proof Dog Collar Summary

For most dogs, a collar is just something they wear throughout the day. For others, it seems like a fun toy to chew on. If that’s the case for your dog, then you might need to find a product that can even withstand the strongest chewers.

Why Do Dogs Chew on Collars?

Many dogs love to chew on anything they can get a hold of. This makes collars an easy target for destructive chewers. Therefore, many dogs might simply chew on their collar because it’s fun and exciting to play with. Others might chew on it because it’s annoying or uncomfortable. Some might even just chew on it because they’re bored.

If you have more than one dog, it’s even more likely that there will be collar chewing going on. When dogs play with each other, they might try to grab each other’s collars and chew on them. For dogs who love to chew, this can be much easier than grabbing their own collar. However, this can be harmful for the dogs involved and it could ruin their collars too.

Finally, a lot of dogs will bite or chew on their collar if you grab them by the collar. Collar grabbing is a common technique to get a dog’s attention, but if it’s not done carefully and with proper training, then it could startle your dog. This could lead them to getting excited and chewing on their collar for fun. However, it could also cause them to gnaw on their collar because of fear or stress too.

It’s important to understand why your dog is chewing before you find a solution. A chew proof collar can be a great product for heavy chewers, but it won’t fix the problem on its own. It will only provide you with a stronger collar, which means less destruction.

Chew Proof Dog Collar Features

Chew proof dog collars differ from regular dog collars because they have three main features: they’re durable, they fit perfectly, and they’re comfortable. All dog collars should have these characteristics, but that’s unfortunately not the case. If a collar does have all of these features though, then it won’t just be strong, but it should also prevent your dog from chewing. 

Most dogs wear their collars often. Some wear them during walks while others wear them just for identification. Either way, this means that collars could become uncomfortable if they’re worn for long periods of time. Uncomfortable collars are more likely to get chewed on because they’re bothering your dog. That’s why indestructible dog collars are not only strong enough to withstand strong chewers, but they’re also comfortable enough to deter your dog from chewing. 

If a collar is sized improperly, that could also be annoying for your dog. Collars that are too tight or too loose commonly get gnawed on. A collar that fits properly should be snug around your dog’s neck, but you should be able to comfortably fit two of your fingers in between your dog’s neck and the collar. If the collar can’t adjust to that setting, then your dog won’t be happy.

What to Look for in a indestructible Dog Collar

Of course, comfort, sizing, and durability are all things to look for when choosing a quality dog collar. Those should be important features for any dog, not just aggressive chewers. However, there are some other things you should also consider when choosing a strong dog collar.

Dogs who chew on collars are probably rough when they play too. This could lead them to grab onto other dog collars or cause other dogs to grab onto their collar. Therefore, the collar you choose should be easy to take off in the event of an emergency. Sadly, many dogs get suffocated from difficult collars, so it’s scary to think about. Durable collars are usually too tough to break apart with anything other than a sharp knife. So, they should ideally have an easy removable feature to keep your dog safe at all times.

The collar you choose should also be adjustable. It can be difficult to pick an exact size for your dog, and it’s possible for them to lose or gain weight over time. So, you should be able to easily adjust the collar so it’s comfortable for your dog at all times. Otherwise, your dog is more likely to chew on it more. 

Most indestructible collars should also be waterproof and easy to wash. It’s likely that your dog will be wearing their collar a lot while outside, so it’s important that the collar can withstand outdoor environments. This can help make the collar even more durable in every condition.

Frequently Asked Questions on the toughest dog collars

I’ve shared a few great products to choose from, but it’s likely that you still have some questions. Here are some things that dog parents commonly wonder when choosing a chew proof or unbreakable dog collar.

How Do I Stop My Dog From Chewing Their Collar?

In many cases, dogs will chew on their collars if they’re uncomfortable or if the collar isn’t sized properly. Before you even purchase a collar, you should make sure it’s made with a soft material that won’t rub against your dog’s skin. Collars that are padded on the inside are usually the best for getting your dog to stop chewing.

Also, when walking your dog, attach the leash to a harness instead of their collar. This can prevent unnecessary pressure on their neck. Even the most comfortable collars can bother your dog if their leash is attached to their collar. Plus, harnesses will keep your dog safer and more comfortable overall.

Finally, make sure the collar is sized properly. When you put the collar on, you should be able to comfortably fit two of your fingers in between your dog’s neck and the collar. If the collar is too tight or too loose, it’s more likely that your dog will chew on their collar. 

If all else fails, you’ll need to work on training your pup. Spend extra time teaching them what they can and can’t chew on. If they try to chew on their collar, redirect their attention to a toy instead. You can also teach them a command to stop chewing and reward them every time they listen. As long as you’re consistent with your rules and expectations, they should learn to behave better in no time.

If your dog likes to chew on everything, you might want to take a look at our articles on indestructible dog beds and indestructible dog balls.

Should Dogs Wear Collars All the Time?

No, your dog shouldn’t wear their collar all day every day. Collars are essential for keeping identification on your dog, but even comfortable collars can irritate your dog if they’re never taken off. Every time your dog is alone or outside, they should have a collar on in case they get lost. Without a collar, someone might think they’re a stray or they might not know who to contact.

If you’re inside and keeping an eye on your dog, then you don’t necessarily have to keep a collar on your dog. Many dog parents also take collars off at night or when their dog is in a crate since it’s unlikely that they’re going anywhere. So, you should keep their collar on most of the time, but give them a break from it now and then.

Conclusion on the strongest dog collars

Some dogs will always be heavy chewers no matter what. Even if you’ve trained your dog not to chew on random objects, you might still want a durable collar just to be safe. Luckily, there are plenty of strong, durable collars to fit your needs.

My favorite chew proof dog collar is the Excellent Elite Tactical Dog Collar. While all these options seem strong and long lasting, this choice is definitely the safest. All the other collars are secured using a buckle, which can be hard to take off in an emergency. This model has a quick release buckle, so your dog can’t rip the collar off, but you can easily take it off as needed. Plus, the material of this collar seems strong, especially since it can be used for service dogs and police dogs.

Not all durable products are equal, so make sure you do your research before choosing the perfect one for your dog. As long as it’s strong and comfortable, it should be a good choice for even the toughest chewers. So, it’s time for you to go out and find that perfect chew proof dog collars.

Want to know more about puppy biting check our article on puppy biting and nipping. For other collar options check out what we wrote on rolled leather dog collars.

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