Welcome to the dog adventure !

My name is Peter Schoeman and I’m the creator of The Dog Adventure. On this site I want to tell you all about dog training, nutrition and the best equipment for your dog. I want to help in your adventure to have the best dog for you and your family.


I always had a dog growing up as a kid. I loved playing, taking care of him and having him tag along everywhere I went.  The last few years me and wife were really busy raising our young kids. But during this time I also started missing having a dog I could have long walks and good around with. I also saw this as an opportunity to teach my kids how to act around animals and have the same positive experience as I had growing up. 


So about a year ago, my family and I decided that we really wanted to get a puppy. After researching quite a few breeders we picked one and now have a very cute labradoodle running around! 

labradoodle in forest

My Mission on this site is to help you to have the best dog for you and your family.  


In my mind a dog should be fun but also well behaved in order to be a great, loving addition to your family.

The Content   

All the content on my site I have planned and edited myself to make sure we meet high quality standards. I also use freelance writers to assist me in putting articles together, but content only gets greenlighted by me, the chief editor. This is to ensure all information is accurate and you can trust the ideas, tips and products we put forward. 


The Dog Adventure does not intend to give veterinary advice. You can rest assured that we go to great lengths to help you understand your dog better. But the content on this site is not meant as a substitute for veterinary consult.


I look forward to having you read our ideas, guides and tests to get the best out of your dog!


Peter Schoeman

Founder and Editor at the Dog Adventure